Monday, December 28, 2009

EKC Rings in the New Year: A Message From Eileen Koch

Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

2009 has been a difficult year for many. As someone who works closely with people for a living, it has been impossible for me not to notice the effects of the economy on the people in my life. With the advent of a new decade, I would love to take this moment to extend to everyone my most sincere wishes for a better new year.

To my special clients, new and veteran: I deeply thank you for the confidence and loyalty that you have shown and continue to show to EKC. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I see exciting things in store for us in the year to come! To everyone else: I give to you and your families my personal wishes for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year. May all of your dreams come true in 2010.

Eileen Koch
CEO, Eileen Koch & Company, Inc.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from EKC!

would like to wish you and your families a very special and memorable 2010!

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Boulevard Zen" Premiere Helps Raise Funds to Support Women's Shelters Around the Country

Earlier this month we welcomed the world premiere of actor, writer, director and producer Rich Tola’s deeply nurtured work of passion, “BOULEVARD ZEN.” The feature, produced under Tola’s production company, Two Strike Hitter, garnered emotional viewer support after its initial unveiling last week. In conjunction with the film’s premiere was a spotlight on Tola’s nonprofit organization, The Boulevard Zen Foundation, Inc., in which he and his team raised more than $1,000 in donations for the spiritual-minded, humanitarian foundation.

An inspirational, life-affirming tale, ‘Boulevard Zen’ centers on the universal healing powers of yoga. The 5,000-year-old practice is given a modern-day spin by Zen’s leading character, Bobby D’Angelo, a grief stricken widower devastated by the loss of his soul mate and yoga teacher. Real estate attorney D’Angelo finds clarity and enlightenment as he travels the path of a yoga master, inspiring students along the way. This uniquely truthful depiction of personal issues positively affected by yoga extends far beyond the reach of the individuals themselves.

The Boulevard Zen Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to provide yoga instruction and education to battered women and children throughout the country. The organization was founded after Tola’s visit to a local women’s shelter where he was inspired by the facility’s rectory and retreat-like atmosphere. When he learned that the facility did not have adequate funds for yoga, Tola discovered a unique opportunity and put his business savvy into effect.

“I knew that yoga could help empower these women and children and help with the healing process,” stated Tola. “My hope is that ‘Boulevard Zen’ will educate and inspire the public about a worthy cause and the life-changing benefits of yoga. We are encouraged by the success of the film’s premiere and beyond thrilled at the generosity and compassion of everyone who donated to the Foundation.”

For more information about The Boulevard Zen Foundation, or to interview Rich Tola, please contact Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company INC., 310.441.1000 or

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EKC Welcomes Game Developer Gurparm Brar

Eileen Koch & Company is excited to welcome to its client roster entrepreneur and game developer Gurparm Brar. At only 27, Gurparm started his own company and created an application for the iPhone and iTouch-- a game that features two Asian superheroes, Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee, fighting to save the world from a Martian invasion. The game can be purchased for 99 cents, and a portion of the proceeds will go to philanthropic causes. Read more about Gurparm and the new iPhone game in British Columbia's Richmond Review:

Uniting the World, 99 Cents at a Time

Richmond’s Gurparm Brar is hoping to unite the world in a common cause through an iPhone and iPod Touch app he created, and which made its global debut on Tuesday.

Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee vs. the Martians is an old-school scrolling game with a simple premise: Shoot aliens, acquire cash, buy better weapons, rinse and repeat.

The heroes of the game are Mr. Singh from India, and Mr. Lee from China, and the game starts out with Mr. Singh using an Indian roller pin—a common household item used to make naan or roti—to fend off the seemingly endless hordes of towering red Martians invading his country. Look carefully, and there are nods to Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and Kanye West in the characters.

Players will like the simple but colourful graphics and the different ways the aliens go down, including by flamethrower, which melts the giant-headed invaders into an eye-popping black ooze (read more...)

Monday, December 14, 2009

David Applebaum on

In an interview for, David Applebaum talks about the "Launch My Line" elimination and how his wife inspires his designs:

I was sorry to see you go last night -- I'm usually not a fan of rompers, but I really liked yours.

Well, now I'm going to interview you! Do you think that a Bettie Page update romper like that could be beachy?

I admit I wasn't convinced when I heard you describing it, but when I saw the model wearing it barefoot, it really came a cross as a 1940s-style bathing costume, and I thought it was quite chic. (See below.)

You didn't hear that one of the comments was that it would have been sexier if the model was wearing high heels. They edited that out. But you're preaching to the choir -- bathing suits and high heels are for car shows. You actually sound almost word-for-word like my wife. My wife said, "You described it, and I was thinking oh, David, no wonder you got kicked out, that sounds awful." And then she saw it, and she thought it was cute! She liked it! This morning, she said to me, "Well, since the Bettie Page romper is not for the beach, I guess I'll wear mine to the office." It's one of the nicest things she's said to me in a while. (read more...)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Reality Wanted's Exclusive Interview with David Applebaum

Eileen Koch & Company INC's "Architect to the Stars" client, David Applebaum, was featured today on an exclusive interview with Reality Wanted:

This week, on Launch My Line, the teams were asked to create a daytime beachwear look. However, everyone chose their fabrics before knowing what each challenge would be and David and Julie were stuck making a beachwear item out of wool. His simple design got him eliminated from the competition and today, he spoke to RealityWanted in an exclusive interview about his experiences on the show and defend his designs.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: How did you become involved with Launch My Line?
A. David: The truth is, I got a call one day with 2 questions: “Do you have a passion for fashion?” and “Have you ever wanted a clothing line?” Well, yes and yes. I believe that one starts living when one takes a chance, and Launch My Line has certainly turned into a wondrous adventure. (read more)

Applebaum was eliminated this week as a competitor on Bravo's new series, Launch My Line.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

HOT From Koch :: Bryna & Boldt: A Perfect Match

Laura Bryna Joins Forces With Music Producer Rob Boldt

Resilient international recording artist Laura Bryna has announced a collaboration with the vastly versatile and seriously selective music producer Rob Boldt for her highly anticipated second full-length album, to be released in 2010. Bryna, who has established herself as a blossoming queen on the modern music scene with her signature eclectic country-pop-rock style, is taking her sound and soul to an altogether new level with the addition of Boldt.

Rob Boldt has conscientiously contributed to defining tracks by notable names like Fergie, Paula Abdul, Lou Cantrell, J.C. Chasez, & N'SYNC. With his superbly discerning ear and tenacious talent, Boldt seems a pitch perfect match for Bryna's bold and beautiful aesthetic -- a combination sure to splendidly deliver. The sophomore album to Bryna's wildly embraced debut CD, "Trying To Be Me," her second album promises to take huge leaps in experimentation, while staying firmly rooted in her distinctive, resonant and captivating sound.

Stylish Los Angeles producer Rob Boldt -- who is a composer himself -- is known for his forte and faculties with regard to music. His taste, ability and skill can be grasped as much by the company he keeps as the recordings themselves. And Bryna now joins that company and makes it sing! This is why the combination of Bryna and Boldt holds such serious promise.

"In my experience I have worked with so many talented artists, but there was something unique that I found about Laura's voice and personality that really caught my attention," states Boldt. "I'm beyond thrilled to work with such an exquisitely talented luminary and I'm utterly convinced great things lie in store for Bryna's future."

From her West Hollywood base, Maryland native Laura Bryna launched her singular singer-songwriter career fairly recently. And what volumes since have come! Last year she bowled over a sold out crowd at the famed LAX Club in Las Vegas for her debut CD release. That same year, after her stirring and contagious hit "Hometown Heroes" served as the Air National Guard's official campaign song, she was named their national spokesperson.

This year the fiery, fiercely talented Bryna rocked the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to a once-again standing room only crowd, establishing her as a rocker to be reckoned with! She has also signed an international record and licensing (multi CD) agreement with AGR Television Records in Hamburg, Germany, which is distributed by Universal Music Group.

With so much in store and so much at stake, this latest collaboration with the inimitable Boldt thrusts rising star Laura Bryna onto the 2010 world stage where she belongs!

Boulevard Zen Premieres at Hollywood's Silent Movie Theatre

Rich Tola's debut film, "Boulevard Zen," premiered last night at the Silent Movie Theatre in West Hollywood. Celebrities, along with the film's cast and crew, turned out to see the inspirational docufiction, which profiles an unlikely yoga master and the powerful effects of his teachings.

In "Boulevard Zen," a young filmmaker named Elliott follows real estate attorney-turned-yoga instructor Bobby D'Angelo through a day of teaching. By the end of the day, Elliott finds that beneath Bobby's tough-guy exterior is a kind-hearted but disciplined individual, who views life as a journey down a winding boulevard.

Inspired by Tola's own life, the film used original music co-written by Tola himself, and much of the cast was comprised of Tola's own yoga students.

After the screening, Tola thanked everyone who was involved in the production of the film, which was shot in only two days and took a mere three months to complete. The audience left feeling motivated and inspired, while Tola left with donations for his nonprofit organization, Boulevard Zen, which provides yoga instruction to shelters for battered women and children.

David Applebaum Talks to BravoTV About His Designs

After sadly being eliminated from Bravo's "Launch My Line" last night, architect David Applebaum discusses his design vision and his experience on the show on the Bravo blog:

Burning Questions Expand on why you wanted to start your own fashion line.

I create environments that both are beautiful and attempt to make one feel comfortable and confident. I have always wanted to know if I could translate that into something as intimate as designs that one can wear, not just walk through. Years ago I designed the flagship store and showrooms for a major clothing company. I spent a lot of time with the designers and we would feed off of each other in ways that enhanced each of our designs. They offered me a job, but I was on a different path. As I have gotten busier with my architecture and worked on different projects, I have always wondered… what if… How do you think your area of expertise contributes to creating a fashion line?

It is all about starting with a blank canvas and using the basic tenants of design to create something beautiful. I like detail, movement, flow and proportion and translating that into clothing seems natural. I felt very comfortable designing, however as this was a totally different medium I could have used more time, more material choices and more sewing help… but that would go for my fellow contestants as well. The fun was trying to create something from nothing in a very short amount of time… like pulling the rabbit out of the hat. My architecture background was helpful, but in many ways this experience was more like a poker game. The outcome is determined not just by talent, but by the cards that you are dealt and how you play them. (read more...)

Check out Applebaum's photos from the recent "Launch My Line" red carpet launch party:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lorena Sarbu in Beverly Hills Times

Fashion designer, boutique owner and EKC client Lorena Sarbu graces the cover of this month's Beverly Hills Times. The cover story explores Lorena's fashion philosophy and the inspiration behind her exquisite designs

Lorena Sarbu: Elegant, Timeless Couture

For designer Lorena Sarbu the world of design has always represented infinite magical possibilities. Through her couture creations, Lorena envisions and engenders the wealth of this artistic medium which embodies whether in premium or in trickle down styling—the influence and relevance of fresh and re-imagined design. Having designed for socialites, young and veteran Hollywood actresses, and women who know and appreciate exquisite design artistry, Lorena’s next chapter will unveil her ready to wear line to the world.

Lorena’s passion for design began as a child in Romania. Constructing a couture wardrobe for her collection of dolls was not miscellaneous play- time, but a forecast into her future. As a young adult, following the strong academic back- ground example placed by her parents, she studied psychology at the local University. Even though she excelled in this curriculum, the dreams she had as a little girl of being a designer never left her thoughts. Lorena knew her path and her calling was in the fashion industry. Upon graduating, she moved to Chicago where she formally began her studies in design. She implemented her major study with a minor in business. During her education process, Lorena continued to work on her own design ideas, building from a foundation of classic melded with elegantly sexy. This would be an integral blueprint equation for the unique, timeless and refreshing signature of a Lorena Sarbu creation. (read more...)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rich Tola Tells FoxBusiness About His Journey Down "Boulevard Zen"

FoxBusiness recently interviewed Rich Tola about his film, Boulevard Zen, which premieres next week. Rich talks about his own unlikely transformation from real estate broker to yoga master, which served as the inspiration for the film:

Quick quiz, class. Which one has more power?

  1. The guy with degrees from Wharton and Kellogg working on Wall Street and playing in the high stakes real estate game
  2. The guy who’s a master yoga instructor and actor in Los Angeles

Rich Tola is going with option B, hands down.

“Power also comes from clarity,” Tola said in a recent interview.

The man knows of what he speaks, for if you put A and B together, you have his life. The studious high schooler and athlete, who went on to get the crème de la crème business education at Penn and Northwestern, is now living in a Hollywood bungalow from which he can see the iconic “Hollywood” sign and get a daily dose of inspiration. (read more...)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

David Applebaum Competes on Bravo's "Launch My Line"

ECK client and architect to the stars David Applebaum made his debut last night on Bravo's new series, Launch My Line. David and nine other industry moguls, along with ten fashion designers, will be competing in teams for the chance to produce their own clothing line. Hosts Dean and Dan Caten (owners of DSQUARED2) and judges Lisa Kline and Stefani Greenfield will eliminate one team each week, in front of a live studio audience.

The teams' first challenge was to create a signature piece for their collections. The team members had to work their hardest together to impress the judges, and the spirit of competition was already fierce.

Watch David on next week's episode of Launch My Line, Wednesday at 11/10c.

Laemmle's Sunset 5 and XIV Set the Stage for "Frat Party" Premiere Tonight

Starz Media will unveil its newest feature, the teen comedy Frat Party (written and directed by Robert Bennett) on Thursday, December 3, 2009. Red carpet festivities will launch the evening at Michael Mina’s ultra chic lounge and restaurant, XIV, where the young stars of Frat Party will be mingle before making their way to the screening at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theatre.

The comedy revolves around the sexual temptations placed in front of lead character Duffy, played by Randy Wayne (Vanguard, To Save A Life, Hot Hot Los Angeles). With impending nuptials to his debutante fiancé, portrayed by the beautiful Caroline D’Amore (Sorority Row, Entourage, 90210), Duffy must keep his priorities in check and his pants zipped on the eve of a crazy frat party. With sexy sorority girls, including adult film superstar Jesse Jane, throwing themselves at Duffy, and Adriana’s father attempting to stop his daughter’s upcoming marriage at any cost, the night becomes an insane test of willpower… young, testosterone-impeded willpower.

The cast also includes Lauren C. Mayhew (Private High Musical, American Pie Presents Band Camp), Jareb Dauplaise (Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Meet The Spartans, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) as Duffy’s best mate, and Erica Day (The Pool Boys, The Pre-Nup) as temptress Professor Beaubier.

The red carpet pre-party will begin at 8:00 p.m. at XIV located at 8117 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046.

The Frat Party movie premiere will start at 10:00 p.m. at Laemmle’s Sunset 5, located at 8000 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046.