Wednesday, March 31, 2010

::HOT from KOCH:: Softline Home Fashions Scales New Heights at High Point

On April 17, Softline Home Fashions, the leading importer and distributor of decorative fabrics and ready made curtains and pillows, will take part at High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, boasting the world’s most comprehensive product selection.

Set against the beautiful landscape of High Point, N.C, Softline will be revealing an entirely new line called The Element Collection, as well as a luminous new design called Sandridge Collection, a striped poly-cotton blend available in 22 different styles. Softline will also offer a vast array of decorative pillows.

High Point Market, the world’s home for home furnishings, exposes the newest home trends and business best practices with leading researchers and industry experts. The event plays host to more than 160 leading buyers, representing more than seventy of the industry’s leading companies, of which Softline is at the very fabric and furnishing forefront.

In an increasingly competitive market, particularly under the constraints of the current economy, the industry may be reinventing itself. Softline is no stranger to change; they have consistently molded their products to an evolving world to meet the fierce, uncompromising demands of a growing, discerning clientele.

Visit Softline’s showroom at Suites at Market Square (Space #G-1042), April 17-22.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HOT from KOCH :: Dr. Leslie Seppinni Weighs in on Kim & Reggie Breakup Tonight on E! News

Renowned psychotherapist Dr. Leslie Seppinni has been tapped by E! Network to share her perspective on the dissolution of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s relationship, tonight on E! News, 7 and 11:30 p.m.

Boasting extensive expertise in relationships, psychology and celebrity, "Dr. Leslie" will draw upon her 11 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as she weighs in on the highly-publicized breakup of the on-again, off-again couple.

In the past, the Los Angeles-based psychology expert has been called upon to share her insights on major network shows such as "CBS News with Katie Couric," "The Insider," CNN’s "Nancy Grace," and "Inside Edition," and has been quoted in publications like Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes. A respected crisis intervention specialist, Dr. Leslie has also assisted the FBI and LAPD in several high-profile cases.

For more information or to interview/book Dr. Leslie, please call Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company, Inc. at 310.441.1000 or e-mail Please visit

EKC's Dr. Leslie Talks About a Celeb Breakup on E! News Tonight!

Renown psychologist and crisis intervention specialist Dr. Leslie Seppinni frequently shares her expert insights on shows like Inside Edition and CBS Evening News, and has even helped the FBI in negotiation and intervention activities.

Tonight, she's been tapped by the E! Channel to weigh in on a *certain* high-profile celebrity breakup. Hmm....

Watch E! News tonight at 7 or 11:30 PST to find out who it is!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Internet Prodigy Launches Site for Amateur Dare Devils! --brainchild of 21-year-old web designer, entrepreneur and EKC client Troy Osinoff, and his partner, Jared Lunde -- has officially launched out of beta as of this morning!

Described as "Youtube meets Jackass," MakeaDare is the premier online community for pranksters and adrenaline junkies. Users can dare each other do to crazy stunts and pranks, accept dares from others, and even compete to win cool prizes.

Boasting about 1,000 registered users before it even launched, there's no question that this site is going to taking off!

Check out the newly-revamped site and take a look at what these crazy kids are up to!

Laura Bryna Spills Her Beauty Secrets on Daily Glow

EKC client Laura Bryna recently chatted with Emma Bing of Daily Glow, who wanted to know how the songstress stays so beautiful (inside and out!) in the midst of her busy music career. Check out Laura dishing on makeup, must-have hair products and charity work:

Whoever coined the phrase “beautiful on the inside and out” had to have been talking about Country music singer/writer Laura Bryna. I am convinced! Best known for her song “Make A Wish”, which is used by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that she is very involved it (hence the inside beauty!), Laura has a flourishing Country music career, and has received critical acclaim for her debut album in 2008. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this gorgeous songbird.

1.)You do so much charity work (like working with the Make-A-Wish foundation). You obviously have a beautiful heart to go with your outer beauty. What is beauty to you?

I believe that beauty comes from within. I think it's how you feel inside and how you carry yourself. You put a smile on and be confident with who you are. Be the best you that you can be and nothing can stop you.

Emma: That is beautiful advice!

2.) Would you consider yourself more of a glamour girl or natural girl?

Well, I love girly stuff. Makeup, hair, clothes, glitter… I love it all! So I definitely love to play dress-up, but it's also fun to let my hair down once in a while, be in my jammies, play with my birds… with a fabulous face mask or moisturizing cream on, of course!

Emma: I could not agree more! I love being a girl and playing with makeup, but another fabulous part of being a woman is the jammies and face masks!

3.) What does your morning and evening beauty routine consist of?

My morning routine: Get up, get the birds up, take a shower, brush my teeth, put on my face cream, do my hair, makeup, decide on an outfit (if not laid out the night before) get dressed and make breakfast for the birds and me.

Evening routine: Get in my PJs, throw my hair up in a ponytail and headband, take off my makeup, brush my teeth, put on my face creams, and hop into bed. (read more...)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Listen to Eileen Koch on BBC!

Catch CEO Eileen Koch's interview last night with BBC --

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is known for her unconventional dress sense

If you have watched any of Lady Gaga's online videos, you are part of this story.

The controversial, and for some too racy, artist's online videos have recorded one billion hits making her a record breaker.

The three videos on YouTube and Vevo that helped Lady Gaga set the record were Just Dance, Bad Romance and Poker Face with Poker Face alone recording around 375 million hits.

So how did a singer with weird wigs and outfits outdo more mainstreem popstars like Beyonce on the internet?

Eileen Koch is the owner of Eileen Koch & Company, a Los Angeles-based public relations company.

Listen to the interview.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CEO Eileen Koch to Discuss Lady Gaga on BBC Radio - TONIGHT!

EKC's CEO Eileen Koch will be on BBC Radio tonight @ 11:40 p.m. PDT to discuss Lady Gaga's career!

With more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Eileen will bring to the show her expertise in music PR as she talks with a BBC correspondent on Lady Gaga's career and rapid worldwide fame.

Don't forget to tune in tonight to hear Eileen's interview on BBC Radio!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog by Renown Psychologist Dr. Bobbie Ranks #1 in Top Blogs on Hypnosis!

EKC is proud to announce that their client psychology expert Dr. Bobbie McDonald's blog is ranked #1 on top blogs on hypnosis!

Dr. Bobbie is a distinguished doctor, professor and expert in the fields of psychology and the unconscious mind. As the founder of The Meridian Center for Hypnosis and the Executive Director of Courses for Change, her goal is to bring her unique brand of positive self-empowerment and lasting change into the lives of every individual.

As a respected author and speaker on issues of self-acceptance, the unconscious mind, hypnosis, anxiety and positive psychology, Dr. Bobbie has worked in a variety of treatment settings and has cultivated a practical hands-on approach to empowering individuals to create change in their lives. Through compassionate and insightful guidance, she seeks to empower her clients to recognize their innate potential, and in turn to make the behavioral changes necessary to "live their lives unlimited" -- a Dr. Bobbie mantra.

>> Read her blog -
>> Follow her on Twitter (@DrBobbieMcD)
>> Visit her fan page on Facebook

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EKC Client Featured in Talk & Squawk!

EKC's most daring client,, was featured in Talk&Squawk! Check out the entry:

All kinds of new sites…
by Shannan Bowen

Since I’ve been writing this blog (uhhhhh I KNOW, I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged lately – been swamped and out of my usual routine), I’ve been getting a lot of news releases about a variety of social networking sites and applications that are popping up.

I’ll take some time now to show you a few of these.

Make a Dare: According to the news release, is a social network that “allows people to liberate themselves from the rigid rules of societ and have a little fun. The site plays host to a variety of dares and videos of members performing daring acts, which they post to earn ’streetcred’ from fellow members to establish their reign in the community.” The site was created by 21-year-old Troy Osinoff who was inspired to build the site after watching videos of others perform crazy, daring stunts online. Check it out here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dr. Bobbie Hosts a Free Hypnosis Event in OC!

This weekend, psychology expert, hypnosis wiz and EKC client Dr. Bobbie McDonald will share some of her methods for decoding the unconscious mind, at a one time-only workshop in Orange County.

Dr. Bobbie will guide attendees in meditation and visualization exercises as she demonstrates basic techniques for tapping into the power of the unconscious. There will also be drawings to win free hypnosis goodies!

We've heard some pretty amazing things about hypnotherapy-- how it can help with everything from eating healthier to coping with anxiety. For any OC residents who've ever wondered about hypnosis, this is a great (and free!) opportunity to see what all the fuss is about, and to start exploring all the cool things your mind can do!

The workshop will take place tomorrow from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Turtle Rock Recreation Center in Irvine. Admission is free, but please RSVP, as space is limited: 877-743-8935. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eileen Koch & Company is on Formspring!

Have you heard of the new site, Formspring, where users can anonymously ask each other questions? EKC PR just made an account, so feel free to grill us about public relations, the entertainment industry, celebs, the work we do...Ask us anything-- we dare you!

HOT from KOCH: EKC Reflects on the Changing Landscape of the PR World

Once upon a time, "public relations" was the relationship between an editor and a publicist. Success was synonymous with talent, or at least noteworthiness. Exposure meant catching the eyes of a small and elite group of gatekeepers. If you were an actor hoping to make it big, your success depended on the perfect combination of hard work, connections and the right look. Meanwhile, a fashion designer's publicist had to be cozy with the people at Conde Nast, because a spread in Vogue was the only way to get international recognition.

But today, the playing field has expanded from a sandbox to a football stadium. An unknown young professional can be propelled to reality show superstardom literally overnight. A middle school student can become a global fashion authority. The world's fascination with media and celebrity is at an all time high, and there's no shortage of channels for people to get their fix.

On one hand, new media has given people and brands unprecedented access to worldwide exposure; on the other, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to be recognized and taken seriously in the age of information overload. It now takes an army to do what a single publicist used to be able to do. Firms now have staff whose sole job is to manage clients' Twitter accounts (there are even entire agencies that just do Twitter!). It's not surprising that the world is taking such an interest in what goes on behind the scenes of a PR machine-- take the huge success of Bravo's Kell on Earth (and we hear there's a similar show in the works at another major network).

In any case, there's no denying that a PR practitioner's job is now more exciting, demanding and all-encompassing than ever before. Having to keep up with the pace and constantly adapt to the changing landscape is definitely a challenge, but a welcomed one. We can't wait to see how our field --and the world-- will continue to transform over the course of the new decade!

Monday, March 15, 2010

HOT From KOCH :: Young Entrepreneur Launches Online Community for Dare-Takers

What happens when you take a community of camera-toting, stop-at-nothing adrenaline junkies and give them a global platform on which to showcase their daring acts? On Monday, March 22, will create a new niche in the social networking realm, as it makes its debut as a unique online community for the thrill-addicted.

The brainchild of 21-year-old entrepreneur Troy Osinoff and his partner Jared Lunde, was created with the goal of providing an online home for amateur pranksters and stuntsmen that would give them the optimal opportunity for exposure. Described as “YouTube meets ‘Jackass,’” MakeADare allows members to create and share dare videos, dare others and vote for the best dares. Users award each other “street cred,” a point system based on votes, which can be redeemed for prizes dedicated to the continuing pursuit of dare-filming, such as video cameras, multi-media equipment and editing software.

Two years ago, Osinoff conceived the concept for, after having spent years watching people perform extreme stunts on sites like YouTube for minimal recognition. He quickly recognized the need for an interactive online forum that would provide users with a form of compensation for their risky attempts, with the potential of connecting them with TV producers for even greater exposure. He enlisted the help of Jared Lunde, established web designer and programmer, and the two have been working tirelessly together ever since to recognize Osinoff’s vision.

Today, debuts as the premiere centralized platform for the ever-growing, worldwide population of dare enthusiasts. Equipped with full interactivity and real-life prizes (to increase in value as the site grows), provides the thrill-seeking community with unprecedented global access to competition, camaraderie and exposure.

For more information on, or to interview Troy Osinoff, please contact Eileen Koch @ Eileen Koch & Company INC, 310.441.1000 or email Eileen @ Please visit

EKC Client Laura Bryna Interviews American Idol Contestent Danny Gokey on "True Country"

EKC client and international recording artist Laura Bryna interviewed last season's American Idol front runner Danny Gokey on GoTV's "True Country" entertainment programming during CRS 2010.

Watch the interview on True Country --

Thursday, March 11, 2010

EKC Client Laura Bryna on ABC's "What's the Buzz"

International recording artist and featured EKC client Laura Bryna chats with ABC's "What's the Buzz" on her latest single, "I Don't Have A Thing to Wear" and her involvement with the Air National Guard --

Follow Laura on Twitter (@LauraBryna) and become a fan on Facebook!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EKC Client Angelica Bridges on Good Day L.A.!

EKC friend and client Angelica Bridges appeared on this morning's Good Day L.A. on FOX! The Baywatch beauty, along with her fellow Fantasy girls, were on the show to discuss their sultry production at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Deemed as one the most seductive shows on the Strip, Fantasy stars Angelica as presenter and leading performer.

Fantasy :: Luxor Hotel & Casino

Angelica (in the middle) with the girls from Fantasy

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HOT From KOCH :: Amy Rubin to Melt Hearts at Tabu Ultra Lounge

Vegas nightlife will welcome a match made in heaven next Monday, March 15, as radio personality Amy Rubin joins XRadio in hosting the hottest singles evening at the sexiest venue in Sin City. MGM Grand’s Tabu Ultra Lounge will play stage to the “Tunnel of Love Sizzle In the City Singles Party,” a one-night only event to celebrate the launch of the locally-loved host’s new radio program, “Falling in Love Vegas Style.”

The theme of the bash is opening one’s heart to love, Vegas style. DJ Unique Styles and DJ Sheri Strawberry will accompany Amy as she soaks up Tabu’s sensual atmosphere among beautiful model servers and love-seeking guests as the party’s fabulous MC. In true Amy’s Heart fashion, the festivities will kick off with delectable goodies, including free “Love Cosmos” from 10-11 p.m., and Sexy Swag Bags for the first 150 female attendees. Sponsoring the event are Ketel One Vodka, the Las Vegas Pole Dance Studio and Girl ExtraOrdinaire.

Amy Rubin’s “Falling In Love Vegas Style” airs every Wednesday at 6 p.m. on XRadio while her signature program, “Amy’s Heart After Dark,” which focuses on love, life, passion and happiness, airs every Thursday at 5 p.m. on Blog Talk Radio. Both programs stream live on

The Tunnel Of Love Sizzle in the City Singles Party will take place Monday, March 15, at 10 p.m. and is 21+. For bottle service reservations, please call (702) 891-7129.

For more information or to interview Amy Rubin, please call Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company, Inc., at 310.441.1000 or email Please visit

Amy Rubin is a relationship expert and multi-talented entrepreneur. Based out of Las Vegas, Amy is the host of the popular Thursday broadcast “Amy’s Heart After Dark,” as well as her new Wednesday program on XRadio, “Falling In Love Vegas Style.” As clothing designer, Amy’s line Hearts Desire, has been fast on the tongues of fashion insiders since its conception. As author and writer, Amy has crafted multiple global and national love columns including, “LoveScopes” and pieces for Los Angeles’ “944 Magazine,” as her first book, “How Cinderella Found Her own Glass Slipper,” is set for worldwide release.

HOT From KOCH :: Disco Curtis Confesses Their Love to Ellen Degeneres!

Teen heartthrobs Disco Curtis were recently in the audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the band was given a shout-out by the Emmy-winning talk-show host and guest Tracy Morgan.

To show their appreciation, Disco Curtis reworked the version of their new single, "Ashley," retitled it to "Ellen" and incorporated a new dance video. Check it out! --

Disco Curtis’ video for “Ashley” is currently in rotation on MTVU and can be watched at: They will also be supporting co-headliners Eye Alaska and Rookie of the Year on tour, which kicks off on April 8th in Wichita, Kansas.

Disco Curtis was most recently signed to MySpace/Interscope Records and debuted their "Ashley” music video on MySpace, racking in over 44,000 plays in its first week. Having toured with Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids and other notable artists, the band currently performs songs off their debut EP, “Play With Fire Get Burned” (available via iTunes). Currently, the band is prepping for their appearance on the second half of the annual Vans Warped Tour (July 20 - August 15).

For more information visit:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Softline Home Fashions Featured in Specialty Fabrics Review

Veteran EKC client Softline Home Fashions is featured in this month's issue of Specialty Fabrics Review, a top trade publication for the textile industry! Softline CEOs Jason & Rodney Carr were asked how their business has benefited from social media marketing. Check out the guys' response below:

Jason and Rodney Carr, co-founders and CEOs of Softline Home Fashions Inc., Gardena, Calif., leading distributors of drapery and decorative fabrics, actively started using social media tools in 2009. They find that “Facebook and Twitter have a different audience than our already existing customer base, which served as an opportunity to grow our brand. The feedback we’ve received reveal that customers feel like they are more informed about what we have to offer and are more knowledgeable about our products. This is encouraging for us because we have many repeat customers.”

Besides identifying new markets, new products and garnering free market research through customer feedback, social media can increase your website traffic, generate qualified leads, build brand authority and promote your products and services.

While these online tools are often free, updating the various accounts, writing blog posts and other content does take time—and talent. Be sure to factor that into your plans. According to the Carrs, another potential downside is that “not only are your customers following you, but your competitors as well. They can easily see what your next move in business will be, so it’s essential to be strategic in your approach.” (read more...)

EKC Welcomes Vegas Radio Host Amy Rubin!

Joining our exciting & increasingly diverse roster of clients for the new year is Amy Rubin, host of the popular Las Vegas radio show "Amy's Heart After Dark." An expert on matters of the heart, Amy is one of Sin City's most beloved radio personalities. Her show boasts more than a million loyal fans, who tune in to XRadio each week to hear Amy's thoughts on life, love and pursuing one's dreams.

Starting TONIGHT, Amy's signature program will air at a new time slot with a new format. We hear there will be some exciting new additions to the show, plus all the titillating straight-talk that Amy's fans have come to love! Tune in to the show's premiere tonight at 6 p.m. PST-- the theme is "What do women really want, and where are the men who can give it to them?"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GotCast's Alec Shankman Talks About Hollywood & Technology

Alec Shankman, CEO of and client of EKC, was recently interviewed by Alec talks about how he started the leading online interactive casting platform, and shares his thoughts about the intersection of Hollywood and technology:

At a high level, what does Gotcast do?

Alec Shankman: Gotcast is the largest online interactive casting platform. We basically open up the casting business ranging from regionalized projects to studio films, to the rest of the country, allowing them to submit themselves and get their own fan base involved in securing roles.

What's your background and how did you start Gotcast?

Alec Shankman: I moved here from Ohio in 2003. I immediately started at a company called Abrams Artist Agency, where I started the Alternative Programing Department, which I subsequently ran for nearly seven years. I represented TV hosts, broadcast journalists, radio DJs, TV producers, and as time went on and reality TV got a little more bizarre, I was repping experts out there, like the Pickup Artists on VH1, the Deadliest Catch fishermen, the Bravo's Million Dollar Listing-type experts out there, and it just helped me realized there were a need for interesting experts, like carpenters, etc. But, there was no good way for Hollywood to find them. I got to talking with Wil Schroter, who was an old business associate of mine and old friend, and we thought it could be very interesting to create a place where Hollywood could reach out to find people. It actually has been working very well. People who are agents, like I used to be, and producers, casting directors, etc.--they're now finding talent all over the country. We have amazing testimonials for people getting hired--like E! News, ABC competition game shows, feature films, etc.--people around the country who otherwise would never have a shot. (read more...)

Dr. Bobbie Shares Psychology Insights on YouTube

EKC client Dr. Bobbie McDonald is now sharing her brilliance with the world, via her new YouTube channel. Founder of the Meridian Hypnosis Center and a renown author and speaker, Dr. Bobbie is an expert on the power of the unconscious mind.

In her first video, she explains how our unconscious minds sabotage our diets...Hmm, interesting! Check it out:

We'll definitely keep tuning in to hear what other insightful things Dr. Bobbie has to say!