Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls of Kiss Summer Goodbye

Here's the latest news about our clients, The Girls of

The Girls of Kiss Summer Goodbye Poolside with Their Luxe Labor Day Weekend Event

At the place where art and fashion intersect you’ll find Apple Price (Vue Models) and Michelle Easter (Next Models), the beautiful models behind the innovative art site This time the girls are back with a hot, elegant and artsy poolside event this Labor Day Weekend at The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey.

This Sunday 8/31, from 11 am to 7 pm, they’ll be kissing summer goodbye in one of the most beautiful settings in Los Angeles and showcasing a special art exhibition of their inspired collection featured on The event, sponsored by Hollywood Life Magazine, is part of the exclusive Summer Pool Lounge Series famously held at The Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey (4375 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292). The models will be showing off the latest swimwear designs from sponsor KushCush by Kerry Cushman in a fashion installation. Danny B Productions and Event Factory, two of the hottest names in event productions will be bringing their talents and creativity to the afternoon affair.

If gorgeous models and a stunning locale aren’t enough to rope you in, this event will feature a delicious poolside menu by The Wave who are famous for their inventive cuisine. Luxury private cabanas will be offered for those who have the means and travel exclusively in circles of VIPs. Soothing massages will also be available to the special invite-only guests, who, if they forget to RSVP, not even a cover charge will help them find their way inside this exclusive event. showcases the art of numerous talented, high fashion models whose artwork shows shades of Rauschenberg, Pollock and Basquiat. While working to become the next Giselle, their message is to inspire their audience to have fun and share in their own creativity, as they generate a small income to help themselves as well as their favorite charities.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Mehow's Methods Making Miraculous Results

Love (& Lust) are heavy in the air, and never before has the dating-tip field been as fueled & fired up as it is today. Call it what you will, Reality TV everything, a kind of voyeurism, or good old fashion competition, the real reality is, boys, if you're not armed with an arsenal of seduction skill, your trolling days may leave you with an embarrassingly empty line.

Seduction truly is an art form , and the artist most proficient, most passionate, and most proven to get a relationship started, is attraction method maestro Mehow (check out With inspired, articulate & comprehensive products ranging from CDs, DVDs, and books, to his now infamous Live Training programs, Mehow's Mehow Inc. is easily the world's largest producer of dating infield video products.

Already the super successful author of three best-selling dating books (with a highly anticipated new release soon), Mehow is the world's largest self-publisher of printed dating books-selling thousands. He is currently in development for a television show that entirely blows open the arts of dating and seduction. The show is enthusiastically expected to air late next year.

Some of what has taken Mehow and now Mehow Inc. to a level unsurpassed (the second- largest most financially successful Dating-Tip Company in the world) may be attributed to the fact that they are the world's only provider of a monthly dating infield DVD subscription (Infield Insider) where the world's best pickup artists are video-taped, studied, scrutinized and analyzed (originated method).

Boasting some twenty-plus employees with fifty instructors world-wide (including Europe, North America, and Australia (for example Perth, Aus, Poland, Amsterdam, Dubai and the States), this multinational corporation & Mehow's future seems limitless.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WRITES OF PASSAGE Launches into Publishing

From unrivaled online community for aspiring and accomplished writers to engage, share, encourage and appraise each other's work-comes the obvious next step: With their blossoming partnership with AuthorSolutions-the the world's most prominent self-publishing company focused on helping authors publish, promote and sell their books-WritingRoom now has the capabilities, resources and the talent, to publish.

This has always been the goal of since its inception: to create an environment that not only nurtures and inspires creation, but also gives writers a platform to be read, and finally, the tools to get their work into the world!

Open to all (not exclusively WritingRoom members), is an economical, user friendly, state-of-the-art self-publishing vehicle, that allows literally anyone with an idea and the desire to make the page and be bound-to do so. Users are able to publish for zero cost, keep royalties and retain rights to their works. Printed on demand, users will be able to buy numerous services and particular products to establish, enhance, and easily market their new creations.

WritingRoom will also select, after mining through the myriad of writings that grace its web-pages, the member whom they see as exceptional. Based on style, creativity, marketability, and most importantly, a uniqueness of voice (among others), the author will be contacted, celebrated in the WritingRoom and ultimately given publication.

For its first at-bat, WritingRoom has carefully and methodically selected member Kayla Myers, a brilliant young writer from Oregon, who brings a fierce honesty to the page, and has a natural ear for the musicality of language. Consider her the first in a lengthy new line of talented writers, who might otherwise not have been read or heard!

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