Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat, LA Be So Sweet, EKC Knows the Hot Spots to Meet

Halloween weekend is now upon us and you better believe that EKC is taking full advantage of all of the fun stuff that L.A. has to offer this weekend. All the work the EKC staff has been doing this month for our November 11th event for client Endless Youth & Life and the grand opening of their boutique on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills has really gotten us in the party spirit. While Eileen may be the gHOSTESS with the mostest, there are some fabulous and spooktacular events this weekend that definitely deserve some attention.

Tonight, Whiskey Blue in the W Westwood invites all the guys and ghouls to their Nightmare Halloween Costume Ball. Special guest DJs include DJ David Rockwell, DJ Still Wil and DJ Clenzroc. If you're having trouble finding a costume, just grab a mask and hit up Teddy's Masquerade Party. Saturday, don't miss everyone's favorite DJ, Dirty South at Hollywood hot-spot Avalon. Party-goers will be in full force and you will not want to miss out! If you find yourself in the O.C., check out AnQi, a restaurant with glamorous decor and even better food. Their Halloween masquerade party, Glamour & Ghouls, will have beats spun by Hollywood favorite, DJ Angeline. To wrap up your fang-tastic weekend, on Sunday, October 31 check out everyone's favorite guido DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore at Vanguard. It will also be the last night you can check out the infamous Haunted Hayride at its new 2010 location!

To all the ladies prancing out on the town this weekend: you may be too cute to spook, but don't forget you need a place to put your red lipstick or those extra pair of fangs. Make everyone scream with envy and carry your favorite Linda Masquefa clutch. Whether it's a sexy black crocodile cluth, or a gold metallic python, you'll definitely be the envy of all the other witches and black cats.

Whatever you decide to do, be, or wear this weekend, make sure you do it in style, have fun, and most importantly, BE SAFE! Eat, drink and be scary!

Bugs & Hisses,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All Dogs May Go To Heaven, But EKC Client, Frances Hayward, Makes Sure They Enjoy Their Time on Earth

Everyone who knows Frances Hayward knows she has a love and passion for all animals. Her beloved Amigo, a stray dog she found while vacationing in the Bahamas, may not be with us any longer, but her fight for animal activism continues in his honor. The Palm Beach Daily News posted an article, yesterday, taking notice of Frances' work.

Hayward has spread the message on the importance of saving strays

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, was a song written by Frances Hayward’s uncle. But had he been thinking of her when he wrote it, the lyrics would have been different. For Hayward, a Juilliard music graduate who majored in dance, and once studied under the famous Martha Graham, it would be dogs who would be her best friends. And vice versa.

Although she has owned as many as 16 at once, one named Amigo was like a diamond and shone out. He was a hungry stray called a “potcake,” and she found him in the Bahamas.

“He had such charisma, that spot-a-star-in-a-second quality like Lana Turner in him,” she recalled.

With her tireless efforts, her beloved Amigo became an international spokesdog, poster pet and mascot. They toured together, carrying his message throughout the world: the importance of saving strays, and neutering and spaying animals. “I have devoted my life to continuing Amigo’s legacy,“ she said.

She is still active in animal welfare in the Bahamas, sponsoring spray/neuter clinics and puppy lifts, and helping other potcakes through her charitable trust called Amigo’s Fund.

Alas, Amigo died l½ years ago. But when Hayward saw another potcake she later named Buster Brown, “he was skin and bones and so sick I had to give him a chance,” she said. And 12 years later, “he’s a strapping boy,” suffering basically only from eye problems.

Besides Hayward, Buster Brown has another “best friend,” a diamond in the rough in the form of “a maladjusted cat who hates everyone but him,” she continued. “These two love each other.”

So, Buster Brown lives a happy life on the island with Hayward and his occasional visiting cat-friend, while carrying a message a little different from Amigo’s: one of compassion and caring for older animals (and people).

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Chicago Dating Scene: BFF Takes Us in the Trenches!

Check out this awesome video by EKC client Best Foot Forward, where founders Adam and Rachel explain what BFF is all about, and give a behind-the-scenes look at what Chicago's premiere dating concierge does for its upscale clientele:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chicago Tribune Invites EKC Client BFF to Dish on Dating!

We're so excited that the Chicago Tribune has asked EKC client Best Foot Forward, Chicago's premiere "dating concierge" service, to share its dating savvy with the world via its new blog! The pros at BFF, Rachel Canis and Adam Fendelman, get paid to help single men and women brave the dating world-- but now daters can get expert insight anytime, free of charge. Check out the debut entries, where Rachel & Adam talk about standards, expectations and Mr. Potato Head (?!):

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Linda Masquefa Handbags' Night Out in Beverly Hills

EKC client Linda Masquefa handbags enjoyed a glamorous evening out last night at the SLS in Beverly Hills! The chic hotel was the backdrop for RAND Luxury's exclusive showcase of the hottest luxury products and services. Editors got to browse the latest from the LM collection, and catch a sneak peak at what Linda has in store for 2011!

Friday, October 15, 2010

EKC Can't Wait for the Endless Youth & Life Party!

Our new client, Endless Youth & Life, is about to open their Bedford Drive boutique, and we've been working around the clock to wrangle the hottest celebs and best sponsors. Now, with less than a month to go, the countdown is on: 27 days until Beverly Hills' finest come together for a fabulous night of health, beauty and youth!

So far, several reality TV bombshells have the bash on their radar, and we're narrowing down our celebrity DJ choices. We're even hoping to incorporate a charity aspect, so not only will everyone walk away feeling younger and hotter, but they'll know they partied for a good cause! Can't wait!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

EKC Client, Linda Masquefa, Reveals Her Newest Collection at Luxury Review Event at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel Next Week!

On October 19, 2010, EKC client, Linda Masquefa, will be showcasing her exclusive collection of handcrafted creations at the special premier presentation at the Luxury Review event. Linda will be present to display her current limited number pieces, as well as reveal her newest collection.

Produced by Rand Luxury, in association with SLS Hotel and Harrison & Shriftman, the Luxury Review will showcase luxury goods by national and international brands. Linda will be among many other popular luxury brands.

Linda Masquefa will show of her designs on Tuesday, October 19, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the SLS Hotel ( located at 465 South La Cienega Boulevard. Come by and view the collection yourself! We hope to see you there!

Friday, October 8, 2010

In the Works for Fall: EKC Client Opens BH Boutique to Carry on Dr. Ryan's Legacy

We've been crazy busy at EKC this past week, since our new client, lifestyle brand Endless Youth & Life, announced that they'll be throwing a red carpet bash in November to celebrate the opening of their flagship boutique on iconic Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills!

Carrying on the legacy of EKC friend and legendary plastic surgeon, the late Dr. Frank Ryan, Endless Youth & Life is dedicated to the pursuit of good health and a full life. The company provides men and women with invaluable resources relating to health, diet and medicine, including a directory of trainers, doctors, dentists, and nutritionists, and a online store featuring top-shelf dietary supplements.

The new store is set to become an epicenter of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. Accordingly, the party will be the event of the season, complete with A-list guests, fun freebies and maybe even a celebrity host! Can't wait to plan this utterly fabulous evening : )

Thursday, October 7, 2010

EKC Client, Softline, Featured in the Wall Street Journal Online!

EKC could not be prouder of client Softline Home Fashions!

The global fabric importer, which started as a family business and now rakes in more than $50 million a year, is featured on today. used Softline moguls Jason & Rodney Carr as examples of small business owners who have taken steps to prepare for a second slump in the economy. Check it out:

Small Businesses Held Back by 'Vicious Cycle'

by Emily Maltby

Small businesses, known for jump-starting economies, aren't upholding their reputation.

During past recessions, small firms have been the forerunners in hiring and growth, and the harbingers of recovery. But this time, they are holding back, seemingly more than large companies.

The reservation appears to stem from a general uncertainty—felt by consumers and owners alike—about whether economic conditions will worsen again before they improve. Some 86% of small-business owners say they are concerned about a double-dip recession, according to a survey published by Citigroup last month.

"A lot of small businesses have direct [contact] with consumers," says Stephen P. A. Brown, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. "Consumer income just isn't back yet. Consumer sentiment about the future isn't back. And while everyone waits, everyone remains pessimistic."

Consumer confidence likely won't improve until jobs return, but businesses won't hire until consumers spend more, triggering a "vicious cycle" of unemployment and slow sales, says Mr. Brown.

Bob Brueckman, owner of a BrightStar Care franchise in Gambrills, Md., isn't prepared to expand until his cash flow improves. BrightStar, which provides in-home senior care, has brought in more customers during the recession because its services can be more affordable than assisted living or nursing homes. But customers, who are also cash-strapped, are delinquent payers. That makes it tough for Mr. Brueckman to meet payroll for his 100 employees. (read more...)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Monday is World Animal Day!

For those of you who didn't know, this coming Monday, October 4, is World Animal Day!

World Animal Day's founders describe it as "a special opportunity for anyone who loves animals"-- and who doesn't love animals?

Hundreds of organizations have registered to participate, including the Humane Society, which is affiliated with EKC client Frances Hayward's BeKind organization. We know Amigo would be proud of people all around the world uniting in the name of animals!

Check out the official website to see some of the events taking place on WAD, and make a pledge to do your part on behalf of animals everywhere: