Friday, January 29, 2010

HauteLook's "Face of Spring" Model Search, Powered by GotCast

EKC client, the leading online interactive casting platform, is partnering with for a Spring 2010 model search. The winner will win a trip to Hollywood for a professional photoshoot wearing top designer brands, as well as a $1000 HauteLook shopping spree. Contestants have until March 7 to upload their photos and videos for a chance to win. We can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Examiner Eagerly Anticipates the Wealth Builders Summit

Penny Stein of discusses her plans to attend the Wealth Builders Summit this Saturday in Downtown L.A.:

You alone are the architect of your future. Plan it, design it, and go build it.
--- Penny Stein

If you feel stuck in that perennial rut, come out to the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, network with enterprising minds and learn from well-known financial and marketing experts such as Brian Tracy – renowned author and speaker, Robert Allen – real estate investor and author, Stephen Pierce – internet wealth building star.

This summit is designed to guide you toward creating the life that you were born to live. Using the proven techniques, tactics and strategies of these experts you will be positioned for success only once imagined.

Join Wealth Builders Summit’s co-producers Robert Finkelstein and John Halpin and a plethora of leading entrepreneurs at this weekend’s Wealth Builders Summit. Eileen Koch & Company, INC., a top-shelf Los Angeles Public Relations firm, is responsible for marketing this dynamic event. (read more...)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

EKC Client Wealth Builders Summit Featured on Examiner!

EKC's premiere client, the Wealth Builders Summit, was featured today 0n Examiner:
The Wealth Builders Summit, held this Friday, January 29th through Sunday, January 31st at the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel is a new, three-day finance seminar and workshop.

With a downturn in the economy, Los Angeles plays host to some of the country’s hottest new and veteran financial experts who will share with attendees, ways to build their wealth in the New Year.

Such information-filled events are typically designed to strengthen the savvy and better prepare others to effectively hit the job market or just corner a market for themselves. (read more...)

Headlining the three-day seminar is:
  • Brian Tracy - Best-selling author of “Psychology of Achievement” and motivational consultant for more than 1,000 companies worldwide.
  • Mark Victor Hansen - Co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publishing franchise
  • Robert G. Allen - Author of “Nothing Down” and prominent real estate investor.
  • Than Merrill - Star of A&E’s “Flip This House,” Yale University graduate and former NFL Pro, and real estate guru.
Learn more about the Wealth Builders Summit by visiting You'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HOT FROM KOCH :: Red Label Media Introduces First of Five 'Boss Ladies'

– Makeup Artist, Charity HabituĂ© and Aspiring Fashion Designer, Nadia Shares Her Zest with the Planet –
"Boss Ladies"

When Red Label Media Group’s new reality series “Boss Ladies” hits the airwaves, the world will get an insider look into the lives of five special women - all unique, all beautiful, and all transgendered.

The first of the five cast members to be introduced in the following weeks is California native Nadia. Well versed in retail and cosmetics, Nadia will combine her skills with four other ‘boss ladies’ for one common goal: launch a clothing boutique featuring their own design creations.

Born and raised in West Hollywood surrounded by an average middle-class American family, Nadia’s interest in the education and advocacy of rights for the GLBT community has been a passion since early adolescence. Putting her corporate and commercial experiences to good work, she has been able to parlay the value of her professional connections to benefit charitable and nonprofit organizations. Recently relocating to Atlanta, Nadia frequently travels back and forth to California to continue her work with GLBT youth in the most economically suffering communities.

Makeup artist, fashion entrepreneur and about-to-become Primetime’s newest darling, the long-legged vibrant beauty with a golden heart is also eyeing the runway. Preparing behind the scenes with her fashion-driven co-stars, Nadia is planning to strut her stuff in the spotlight on center stage as a model in the near future.

For more information about “Boss Ladies” or Red Label Media Group, please contact Eileen Koch @ Eileen Koch & Company INC, 310.441.1000 or email Eileen @ Please visit

About Red Label Media Group
Red Label Media Group, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with an office in Los Angeles, CA, is a vertically integrated media company engaged in the business of television, feature film production and digital distribution. Red Label's audio visual division, Red Label Film, has a current focus on serving niche markets in the reality television space. Ancillary distribution delivery streams such as IPTV and digital assets distribution are at the forefront of its operation strategy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Softline Home Fashions to Attend Las Vegas Market

Softline Home Fashions, the country’s leading importer and distributor of decorative fabrics, ready-made curtains and pillows, will soon eclipse the bright lights of Vegas at the upcoming Las Vegas Market trade show, where the company will showcase its wares to tens of thousands of people from more than 100 countries.

Trends and innovation are everything in the constantly evolving world of home decor. In its fifth and most promising year, the Las Vegas Market comprises more than 1,500 industry heavies who will gather to examine the “fabric” of what’s in and what’s out. The prestigious trade show features a veritable cornucopia of high-end products from around the world - the perfect environment for Softline to impart their industry insights upon their discerning peers.

One of the many distinguishing characteristics of Softline as a business is its commitment to environmental consciousness. The company recently unveiled a line of eco-friendly products, called Evidence of Evolution. Made exclusively from recycled, “green” materials and using specialized dyeing processes, the collection pairs a reduced carbon footprint with the chic luxury for which Softline is known.

As the pride of co-founders and brothers Jason and Rodney Carr, Softline has earned a reputation for delivering an unparalleled selection of world-class fabrics and home fashions to its clientele. The Las Vegas Market is just another step toward Softline Home Fashions’ inevitable domination of a growing and increasingly discriminating global market.

Visit Softline Home Fashions at the Las Vegas Market at Booth# B270-47. For more information, visit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'Wealth Builders' Bestows Fortune Upon LA

Wealth Builders Global is bringing an A-List ensemble of wealth builders to Los Angeles for a weekend of recession-busting financial enlightenment. The Wealth Builders Summit will present the best of today’s new economy gurus, discussing joint venture strategies, online fortune avenues, personal avatar training and networking opportunities. The event will take place the weekend of January 29, 2010 at the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel.

Headlining the three-day seminar are world-renown moguls and entrepreneurs Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. Brian Tracy, best-selling author of “Psychology of Achievement” and motivational consultant for more than 1,000 companies worldwide, will host lectures on leadership, self-esteem, goals, strategy, creativity and success psychology. Co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publishing franchise Mark Victor Hansen will guide summit-goers in the art of successful publishing in a lean market, and “Nothing Down” author Robert G. Allen will share his insider tips as a career real estate investor. Meanwhile, Than Merrill, star of A&E’s “Flip This House,” Yale University graduate and former NFL Pro, will impart his new-economy real estate knowledge upon WBS attendees. As founder of CT Homes, LLC, Than successfully built a real estate empire during the recession and has since been sharing his business secrets as a touring speaker.

Also participating are: Stephen Pierce, expert on internet wealth-building; Bill Walsh, marketing expert and international entrepreneur; Aussie Rob, trading guru; Kelly O’Neil, author and marketing-to-the-affluent specialist; Craig Duswalt, creator of “RockStar System for Success”; and several other high-profile business heavyweights.

"As one of the co-producers and promoters of the Wealth Builders Summit, I'm proud to bring to Los Angeles this unprecedented assembly of iconic business entrepreneurs and strategists,” said Robert Finkelstein. “I believe that with the right mindset, attendees who invest themselves in the learnings, mentorships and networking opportunities, can experience a life-changing weekend."

The Wealth Builders Summit promises to be an invaluable resource for aspiring moguls and successful business-owners alike. Understanding that traditional financial strategies hold little weight in today’s economy, the Wealth Builders Summit delivers advice for the now, presented by business masterminds who built their empires in the most challenging economic climate since the Great Depression.

The WBS will be held January 29-31 at:

Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel
711 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

HOT From KOCH :: Jason & Rodney Carr / Softline Home Fashions

Regarding companies to watch for this year with young and interesting entrepreneurs, this is what's HOT for 2010 --

Jason & Rodney Carr
Founders & CEOs of Softline

Jason & Rodney Carr

Here's just a few of their exquisite products:

Softline also supplies fabrics, curtains, tablecloths & pillows to various Hollywood events.
Here's photos from the 2008 SAG Awards:
Be sure to check out Softline's

Laura Bryna Featured in SingularCity!

EKC client Laura Byrna, international recording artist, was featured this week in SingularCity -

Laura Bryna is small in stature, but that’s the only diminutive thing about her: Big singing voice, big smile, enormous energy, and boundless aspirations. A community member, the petite fireball almost crackled with electric energy and vitality as she took the stage in a recent showcase at a Burbank soundstage. Tossing her long, dark hair, and with an easy repartee with the invited audience, she whipped her sinewy form across the stage. It’s obvious she has a fierce devotion to her music.

With a wisecracking smile, Laura introduced a song, “I Hate Loving You” with the comment that she is “severely single.” Being singular doesn’t seem to put any stops on Laura. She’s burning tread across the nation on a non-stop schedule that has put her name on the musical map. In fact, owning her own life and her destiny has given Laura the power to achieve her dreams. (read more...)

Check out Laura's guest blog entry on Urban Darling!

Monday, January 18, 2010

EKC Client Laura Bryna Blogs Fashion on Urban Darling!

EKC client, international country-pop recording artist Laura Bryna, joins the Urban Darling team as a guest fashion blogger!

Read Laura's first entry:

Happy New Year Everybody! I’m Laura Bryna from Mount Airy, Maryland – a recording artist, actress, television host, but most of all a girlie girl to the enth degree. I am a total fashion nut who is always looking for fun, funky things to add to my wardrobe, makeup drawers, and hair paraphernalia. Girlieness, if that’s a word, has always been in my blood.

My mom, who is my whole life, went to school for fashion merchandising, so really, I believe, I’ve learned from the best. Growing up I used to watch her put on her makeup and then came the big question, “what should I wear today?” That’s where the illness began for me! (read more)

Be sure to check back on Urban Darling for more hip and fun blogs by Laura!

Friday, January 15, 2010

EKC's Eileen Quoted as PR Expert in CNN Article

EKC PR president Eileen Koch was asked for her take on NBC's situation -- surrounding recently struggling ratings and the cancellation of 'Jay Leno'-- for an article on Eileen discusses what she thinks will happen and what the network should do to manage its reputation:

Eileen Koch, CEO of entertainment public relations firm Eileen Koch & Co., thinks that NBC's suspicious silence while the network's reputation gets mocked is the best move to make.

"NBC has handled this as best as they can. At the end of the day, this is entertainment and this is a business," Koch said, "so the strategy is, two of our top comedians make fun of us."

But even if this was a part of NBC's master plan, they're still not using it to their advantage, Hanft said.

"The bigger long-term issue is that clearly the NBC brand has been damaged. When you have your talent mocking you, it's embarrassing," Hanft said. "Being an old brand doesn't give you any insulation anymore. They're making a big mistake by not being visible and vocal and engaging in the conversation. There's nothing to be embarrassed about because something didn't work." (read more...)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moguls Discuss the 2010 Wealth Builders Summit

"Chicken Soup For the Soul" series publisher Mark v. Hansen:

E-bay wealth guru Chris Bowser:

Trading mastermind "Aussie" Rob Wilson:

*** Help Support Haiti ***

Eileen Koch & Company INC. is proud to support Feed the Children and the American Red Cross in assisting in delivering aid and relief to the people of Haiti. Please join us providing help by making a contribution to these great organizations:
  • Your gift helps Haitian children and families recover from the devastation caused by the recent earthquake by helping provide aid to those in urgent need of assistance. A small donation of $17 helps deliver 125 pounds of relief supplies. Donate online at
  • You can donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999. 100% of the funds will go to support the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. You can also make a donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund at or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.
Our hearts and sincerest wishes are with you, Haiti.

Monday, January 11, 2010

EKC PR Welcomes New Client, the Wealth Builders Summit

Eileen Koch & Company is excited to have been chosen to represent the Wealth Builders Summit, a finance seminar designed to help attendees build their wealth in the new year. The event will take place the last weekend of this month, at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, and will explore how one can not only adapt to, but take advantage of the current financial conditions to ensure greater financial success in 2010.

Speakers will include:
The Summit sounds very promising, and we're thrilled to be a part of it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

StubDog Introduces New Refer-A-Friend Program

- New Incentive Provides Members with Opportunity to Earn Cash Toward Tickets for Events -, one of the nation’s fastest-growing online discount ticket agencies, continuously brainstorms ways to bring an eclectic range of entertainment options to people of all budgets. StubDog’s newest discount program, Refer-A-Friend, is an addition to the ultra-low ticket prices for which the site is known. The new program will provide StubDog members with even more ticket-buying power.

StubDog’s Refer-A-Friend program is designed for accessibility and ease of use. For every friend a member refers to, the company will issue $1 toward to the member’s future ticket purchases. With no referral limit, members can quickly rake in reduced tickets by referring friends via email, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter.

One of the many ways StubDog has set itself apart from other online ticket vendors is by its dedication to giving to the community – not as an afterthought, but as an integral part of the company’s mission. When founders Sam Levassar and Paul Beckwith created StubDog, they envisioned a cyber destination where people could go to find tickets to the hottest events in their area, offered at affordable prices. At the same time, the site would provide an avenue for under-the-radar artists and venues to gain the community recognition they deserve.

“Our customers have been an incredible support to us and our business,” states Levassar, co-founder of “As a way to extend our appreciation, we are launching the Refer-A-Friend program as way to provide added incentive to share this benefit with their friends and increase the value they receive from using our services. We hope this program will also serve to get the awareness out on the amazing venues and events that we partner with, and we hope that our customers will help us support this commitment to the communities and the arts.”

Founded in Levassar and Beckwith’s hometown of Houston, StubDog has expanded to serve the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, New York and Dallas/Fort Worth as well. The company donates a percentage of all ticket sales to charitable organizations in these areas, which it hopes to increase in the near future.

For more information and to find out about exciting ticket deals, follow StubDog on Facebook and Twitter (@StubDog), or visit

"Mr. Singh & Mr. Lee vs. The Martians" Launches Worldwide Battle on iPhone

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, “Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee vs. The Martians,” a new iPhone application by twenty-seven-year-old video game designer Gurparm Brar, launched its global mission to uniting the world… by eliminating one Martian at a time.

The uniquely conceived final-countdown game is the first ever iPhone application that features an Asian and Indian superhero. Gamers inhabiting the superheroes, Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee, will be given 365 days to take out one billion Martians. If they can beat the ticking countdown and successfully complete their mission, the people of earth will stand in a better place…both metaphorically and figuratively speaking! Partial proceeds from the innovative game’s graphic unisex T-shirt sales will be donated to Malaria No More in their aid against malaria as well as help establish micro-financing companies in China and India in combating poverty.

The premise of “Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee vs. The Martians” finds the planet under mass attack by Martian invaders. With most of the world’s empires collapsed and rendered immobile, Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee stand up to fight against the inevitable doom of humanity. The heroes begin their epic battle using very rudimentary fighting instruments, and as Martians are destroyed, players gain monetary points that allow them to purchase progressively sophisticated weaponry.

“Mr. Singh and Mr. Lee vs. The Martians” was created after a year-long work of labor in which Brar put his passion to play. He developed the innovative game under his company, Just Khushi Artistry Inc., to provide his superheroes an international gateway. The game’s platform is constructed in a classic-scrolling fashion and characters are modeled after present celebrities like Jay Leno and Kanye West. Players are given a 365-day window to destroy one billion Martians, and with a worldwide viewable counter in the works, Brar has already begun preparing stages two through four of the intergalactic battle.

“Singh and Lee vs. the Martians” is available for download on all iPhone and iTouch devices.